Approved Policy from March E-Board Meeting


United Veterans of St. Lucie County, Inc. is a 501c(3) not for profit organization. As such, there are both state guidelines and guidelines of our organization that must be followed by anyone requesting to have a service or cause displayed on this website.  Please follow these rules when making a request:

  1. We cannot accept any political advertisements or requests for support for a political candidate or cause.  There are no exceptions.
  2. All requests from companies or groups offering a service will be thoroughly vetted before any response is given.  Please allow time for that process.
  3. If a message is accepted, it will be displayed for a period of 90 days or the date of the event, whichever comes first, and then removed.
  4. Messages promoting charity events for non-veteran related activities will not be accepted.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

United Veterans of St. Lucie County, Inc.

Roy Brewer, Chairman