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UVSLC – Post Hurricane Assistance

This message is from Wayne Teegardin, St. Lucie County Veteran Services Officer, with regard to assistance post Hurricane Irene. Please note his office will help you complete a FEMA assistance form if you wish; they can be very confusing.

Attached are two information sources that may assist Veterans following Hurricane Irma.  In addition to the attachments, our Port St. Lucie office will assist Veterans in filing for FEMA assistance during normal business hours.  We have FEMA forms available.  Also, we have a supply of blue tarps in our office for any Veteran that sustained roof damage, they can check-in with the front desk to receive them. Please call with any questions you may have.

Click here to download the U.S. VA Disaster Assistance Brochure and FEMA Disaster Assistance information.

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